Who is Danielle?
Artist, Illustrator, and Hypnotherapist.
In a nutshell: I am a multi-passionate artist who helps creatives and artists navigate their creativity so they can heal what is holding them back and thrive - even through chaos.​​​​​​​
Hi, I'm Danielle!
I’m a multi-passionate artist, a multipotentialite. That means I have too many interests and too many ideas. Sounds chaotic? That's because it is! ​
I am also a certified hypnotherapist. Which means that I help people heal through meditation, visualization, and most importantly, relaxation. Relaxing through chaos towards healing.
​I believe that everything boils down to emotions. And all my work, it doesn’t matter what it is, they all tend to orbit around Emotions and the Subconscious. Emotions are the most powerful force. And they live in the subconscious mind.
I have self-published over 10 art-related books, build an audience of over 180k followers on Instagram, create YouTube videos, comics, poetry, hypnosis recordingsmentorship programspaintings, and illustrations, the list goes on, that carry and inspire emotions, and bring forth your own power of healing and creating, even through chaos.
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