Who is Danielle?
Artist, Illustrator, and Hypnotherapist.
In a nutshell: I'm an artist, illustrator, and hypnotherapist, who is passionate about expressing creativity while taking good care of emotional and mental health.
Hi, I'm Danielle!
I’m a multi-passionate artist.

That means I have too many interests and too many ideas.
A really overactive creative mind!
So I am constantly changing and evolving.

I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist.

I'm specialized in Creativity and Art, so I help artists overcome subconscious blockages through meditation, visualization, and relaxation.

I believe that everything boils down to emotions.
Emotions are the most powerful force, and they live in the subconscious mind.
That's why my work always tends to orbit around Emotions and the Subconscious.

I have self-published over 10 art-related books, built an audience of over 170k followers on Instagram, create art-related YouTube videosmeditation and hypnosis recordings and programscomicspaintings, and illustrations, that are brought to life by my own experiences and emotions, and bring forth our innate power of healing and creating,
even through the chaos of a creative mind.
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